Accelerate yourself

and your business
in just 4 weeks

You are heading for the summit

You're driven, hard working and yet it feels as though you are attempting to climb Everest to push further with where you are at.  


Whether you have launched a business, considering one, or wanting to climb the ranks of one, you know you are destined to succeed, but there's something not quite right?

You are struggling to focus, yet filling your time... but with what? 

You're exhausted with trying to make decisions, remembering the reason you enjoy doing what you do and you feel that you are cutting corners to try and alleviate how you feel.


you feel like you are working so hard but not seeing the return

You are feeling sluggish due to the current situation, you feel like you're putting 110% to what you do physically and emotionally and have nothing left to give and no one is noticing.  

you are making careless mistakes because you are so stressed

You find yourself getting frustrated and angry with the simplest of things, overreacting and overthinking the smallest of tasks and are doubting your every move.


All of this combined, and your motivation isn't where it needs to be

Its never to late to make changes...

Business Owner

Regain control of your thoughts and your actions

Increase your productivity feeling more focused by gaining or taking back control.  Feeling more energised to action the things you need to do.  

Problems and Obstacles will not phase you any more.

Tackle any challenges head-on and jump over any hurdles that are on your path .  Tapping in to your inner expert to get the job done, confidently and effectively and in a more streamline way.

Mountain Cliff Hiker
African american calm businessman relaxi

remaining calm under the pressure

Alleviate yourself from stress as you become reflective rather than reactive, keeping calm no matter what is going on around you.  Feeling balanced as no challenge is too great. 

and you can have all of this in just 25 minutes a day for 4 weeks

This intensive program of video and PDF content is delivered online over the course of 4 weeks and can be watched and actioned in just 25 minutes each day

steps to success


step one

Simply sign up today to start your four week challenge and set aside just 25 minutes out of each day for five days a week.  Start your journey to a revitalised and energised you by clicking the link below


step two

Enjoy working through all of the different stages of the course that will take you step by step through how you will recalibrate your mind to succeed in everything you put your mind to


step three

Feel incredible as you take back the power and strength to fully focus on building your business and life as a vegan or ethical venture, contributing to global sustainability, supporting present and future generations

What people are saying...

Juliette Du Plessis, director

I have worked with Cathryn on a one-to-one level and she is thoughtful, considerate, quick witted and bright. She has an ability to see and hear the unsaid and get under the surface. That is a real skill to ‘see the real person’ and not be afraid of anything. 

This course is amazing and has helped me get through the tough days and feel more energised positively affecting my relationships both professionally and personally which is better for me, my team and my clients. In the light of the current pandemic, I think it should be Compulsory to complete this course. 

Victoria Bray, 
Business owner

I have totally loved this course.  I found it logical and easy to follow and looked forward to focusing on myself each day. It has made me more aware of myself and what I am thinking and made me realise what I need to aim for.  It has made me really focus on our businesses and where we are taking them.   

I have become more focused, structured and have learnt to prioritise tasks which has meant I have been much more productive. 

I would highly recommend it to anyone who is feeling a lack of confidence or focus, those who are unsure of their next steps or just feel they are ‘plodding’ along.

Clare Sewell, Company Secretary

This course was unbelievable – it has stopped my rollercoaster mind and made me take time to really think and clearly see the future.  It has made me take stock of who I am and where I am heading with much more focus.  I feel positive and planned for what lies ahead thanks to Cathryn.  It has increased my motivation and happiness and ultimately had a knock-on effect to those around me too.  I would wholly recommend this course to anyone wanting to take themselves and their businesses to the next level.

Save time & Make money

  • Being clearer on business activities means you save time and make money.

  • The ability to make better decisions to streamline budgets.

  • Better communications and relationships give you the ability to grow your client base, increase sales and retain your customers. 

Be happier in your role

  • Creating a positive work environment makes for a happier day at work, for you and those around you.

  • Creating a more positive you will make you feel like you want to be at work.

  • You will feel more secure in your role and be able to trust yourself and your decisions. 

More energy and confidence

  • Improve your sleep so no more staring at the ceiling at 2 am!

  • An overall improvement in happiness relieves stress.

  • Gaining more confidence and better self-esteem

  • These all lead to having a better work/life balance and more time for yourself.

Better relationships

  • Create solid relationships with family, staff, suppliers and clients to increase your success and growth.

  • A sense of purpose and meaning will allow you to know where you’re going and keep you on track.

  • Improved resilience will mean you seeing the “wins” in everything.

Image by Doran Erickson


20 Videos covering a range of topics to help you be your best and strive for success. 

Access to downloadable supportive materials to help you make the challenge bespoke to your circumstances.

Meditations to help you relax and that are proven to help build confidence and positivity and help the learning process.

Twelve months access to the course and all of its contents for you to be able to revisit it whenever you like and learn at your own pace. 



until March 31st 2021
(usual price £399.00)

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your growth will contribute to global sustainability, supporting present and future generations.

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