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Calling all vegans...

Updated: Oct 19, 2020

Lets change the world together...

Is it just me or does every vegan out there get butterflies in the tummy when you see more and more brands flying off the shelves, the shelf spaces getting bigger to accommodate the plant based, vegan and cruelty free products arriving in the stores? I get regular emails from different vegan magazines and news sites that inform me of the huge leaps in share prices or the amount of money being made in the vegan industry and it fills my heart with joy. After watching a video from The Economist yesterday about how a world would look if it were all vegan by 2050 it made me think that it may not be impossible and that the more we all work together the more we can access this vision.

I have not always been a vegan, in fact for the majority of my life I was a meat eating, leather wearing, zoo going type of human, one of those types who took for granted that what I was told was all true and never questioned it. Like many of us, when I made the transition I felt as if I had been awakened to life and started to question everything. I have become so incredibly passionate about it that I decided to adapt my business to help the industry grow. I realised that we all need to play a part in making the world wake up to the fact that veganism needs to be a way of life for the sake of our planet and future generations and that the only difference between the animals that are farmed for meat and dairy and the pets that become a huge part of our family is our perception of them. This is not to mention the obesity crisis that we have and how a plant based lifestyle can turn lives around and reduce medical interventions by lowering cholesterol, reversing and preventing heart disease.

Like never before the vegan communities need to come together and push, promote and educate people on why this way is the only way to go.

Life is one long string of sales pitches for us all in the modern world. We are sold to at every opportunity whether we think about it or not. It is said that we are exposed to around 4,000 to 10,000 ads each day through TV, magazines, radio, social media or billboards and local flyers. Even when we meet up with our friends and family we are hearing about new gadgets, gismos they have bought, how they have improved their lives, where they are off to on their holidays and why you should book too. If we think about the last thing that we were convinced we should buy, and the reasoning behind it – there was some unique selling point to have made you part with your cash or your time. This is where we need to be smart, to touch people where they need to be touched, to push the right buttons. If someone has been brought up, as I was, believing that the food chain is the reason we eat meat and that the animals are there for us, then talking about animal rights may not be what they want to hear, whether we want to or not, this could be a sticking point of them closing down entirely. There are a whole number of ways that we can pitch the vegan life and plant-based diets, making it sound perfect for the individuals life – and that is the best way to start.

Having had this enlightenment I realised I could help too. By focusing on helping solely vegan & ethical businesses I feel I can play my part in sculpting this vegan future. For me, I see results in people understanding how to live to their full potential and to understand how to make their mind work for them. Allowing people to feel they can be happy in all that they do and therefor have a deeper connection with themselves and the people around them. When this happens, people find their purpose or understand the cause they are working for. So whilst there are so many incredible people out there inventing new ways to replicate animal products or creating new ways that don’t involve cruelty and that are good for our planet and environment – I am helping behind the scenes – helping those people shine as bright as they possibly can to help the growth from beneath.

We can all play a part in making the world a better place, so if you’re not already maybe this could spur you to think of how your business could become more conscious and help the global vegan movement – vegan world by 2050?? I’m up for the challenge – anyone want to join the ride??

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