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Covid19: Is it ok not to feel ok?

Updated: Sep 17, 2020

*Warning – emotional rant!!

Is it ok not to feel ok?

I’m sitting here typing this after smashing a full, hot cup of coffee into the sink because I put the wrong milk in to it. What makes the situation worse is that it was the last of the coffee we had in the house.

Is that the end of the world? Not quite. Was it the end of mine at the time… it felt like it!

Up until this point I have been ok. Up to this point I have also been working like crazy to adapt to my new office in the cabin in the garden to get some peace away from the house whilst trying to work, trying to to keep my own mental health afloat as like everyone trying to live, eat, work, sleep in the same four walls whilst trying hard not to let it drain me completely. And like everyone, that’s on top of all the home education that I am now sharing with my husband to try and keep the kids mentally stimulated as much as we can.

I guess this is my tipping point. This is the point at which I need to stop and reflect on whether I have been practicing what I preach!

Have I? Nope!! I am guilty!

This is it though – it’s time to take it back, time to take a moment and look at what I need to clear my mind and refocus on the here and now. Create personal boundaries, relax and get back to the real me again. I know it won’t take long, just a little dedication each day.

I know there are more people out there feeling the same… so who’s with me?? Who wants to take back control and rock the way through the rest of this lockdown??? Feel free to get in touch or comment on here – we are in this together and I am happy to share my knowledge with you!! So is it ok not to be ok? Absolutely - we are only human!

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