• Cathryn Remmington

The power of resilience

Updated: Sep 17, 2020

We often admire all the good stuff, we celebrate when things go well, praising talents or accomplishments, but is it too difficult to think about when we may get things wrong? How many times do we celebrate the mistakes? Celebrate the fact that every time a mistake is made we learn from them and can move on stronger than we were before? We are all at some level afraid of failure, afraid of our emotions of disappointment, anger, and frustration that accompany this experience, and all of us at some point will remember a moment we felt that way, but we can't grow, adapt or fix a situation if we simply close our minds to it, this is building resilience. Resilient people have felixibility in situations, they can adapt to new situations and learn from past events. Most importantly they are able to take criticism as a positive position to move on from and as such aren't afraid to ask for help. How do we become more resilient?

  • Making connections in the workplace is a great start, building relationships with others that you can talk ideas through with could help you to voice what you are thinking and get others opinions, and listening to them.

  • Try to see problems or obstacles as challenges and a process to learn, as you push through situations thinking about the skills that you are gaining.

  • Making situations realistic, if your goal is to climb the ladder to the top of the business, focus on getting to the next level, then the next. The presentation that you can't seem to grasp - take it one slide at a time, write a plan and keep the tasks simple and easy to do, and after each tick on your list - give yourself a pat on the back that you are closer to the goal.

  • Try to spend less time engaging negative thoughts. We all have a harsh inner critic but too much time spent on our negativity is very unhelpful and can really have an impact on our work (well lives actually). If you find these taking over, take a break, call a friend for a chat, have a cup of tea and once you are feeling calm try to turn your thinking around. If you think "I'll never get this done" try changing your thought to "this will take me a little longer than I thought, but I'll break it down to make it easier"

Resilience in business is a critical skill to have and can lead to better physical and mental wellbeing all round. The ability to cope with the stress and challenges that often come up at work and to potentially even thrive in situations such as these plays an integral part in your performance, motivation and your ability to protect yourself from stress.

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