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Lets talk inequality #IWD2020

Updated: Sep 17, 2020

Growing up I was pretty unaware of the inequality between the sexes. Maybe that was because my mum made a great career for herself, maybe because my Dad would happily do household tasks like emptying the dishwasher or cooking up a nice meal without being asked to, or maybe because they both told me that I could achieve whatever I wanted to as long as I worked hard to do it? Whatever it was, it never crossed my mind that I couldn't do some things just because I was a girl!

I first experienced this at age 24 when a female colleague and I were asked not to disclose our salary with the others in the office, we were both more experienced than the male employees that we worked with and as such assumed we were earning more. We found out a few months after when the guy was let go of for losing the company money that he was actually on £4,000 more a year than either of us! Another time was when I was buying a new car and the sales man asked me if I had 'permission' from my husband to buy the car. Needless to say my response hopefully made him think about ever asking that to a woman again.

Its only on reflection over my years that I realise I have been subject to inequalities due to my gender too many times, and over the years I have got better at fighting back against it. People aren't born thinking that one gender is better or more powerful than another. They are born thinking there is no difference between us - lets keep it that way. #IWD2020

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