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Where is your happy place?

Updated: Sep 17, 2020

We spend so much of our lives running around busy with work and chores and not enough time doing the things that make us feel happy. We should all find our happy place and go to it as often as we can.

I lived in Santorini in Greece many years ago and the view you see below, from the top of the caldera was my happy place. Nowadays, living in Norfolk, my happy place is with my family, preferably in the woods or by the water, with no phones or distractions... my idea of heaven!

What is a happy place and how do you find one?

This is somewhere you can escape from the stresses and constraints of the everyday grind and feel completely at relaxed and at ease. This will differ for all - for some, it may be a busy shopping centre. For others, it’s the peacefulness of a beach or lake. However, overall it is that place that you go to be fully present with yourself, and you can savor the experience.

Finding our happy place can give us huge amounts of pleasure, the ability to lose ourselves in a moment, time to build on the relationships we have with loved ones, opportunities to find meaning, and achieving greatness.

In order for you to find your happy place you could think about places you have been where you have had time to appreciate sounds or images, or where you feel the place has had an effect on your overall happiness, and that feeling of contentment.

Good luck in finding and visiting yours as often as you can.

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