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I organised a session for my team of franchisees as a way of supporting us within these difficult times, as we all try to juggle our lives and our businesses.
I contacted Cathryn to discuss my needs and she was so informative, understanding and supportive and recommended an hour session called Corporate Wellbeing which included a 30 minute presentation followed by 30 minute meditation session. We did this at 8pm of any evening to ensure that none of us were 
distracted and could give the session our full attention.
I can honestly say it was so beneficial, we all gained massively from the hour.

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I was suffering from anxiety due to an ongoing medical problem. The more I worried,the more anxious I became. I contacted Cathryn at Full Focus Clinic to see if it was something she could help with. Cathryn asked me a few questions about how I was feeling, the problem I was experiencing, and asked if I would like to see her. I had about three sessions over a period of four months. I found these sessions helped a lot, I felt calmer & more positive over the time. The sessions themselves focused on the positives rather than negatives. They were so relaxing I didn’t want them to end. My medical problems are ongoing but I feel able to cope now. I also know that if I need help I can see Cathryn again, that in itself helps me. I can thoroughly recommend Full Focus Clinic. It was & is the best help I’ve ever had.

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I felt like I was floating after the session, I'm so bad at relaxing that this was well needed.  I slept so well after and woke up feeling like I'd got a renewed energy that everyone noticed.   Thanks so much Cathryn - I'm looking forward to making this a monthly thing!