Hi, I'm Cathryn 

Also known as the 'Mentally Healthy Vegan'

Even the best of people hit obstacles in the road, 
with  self improvement it doesn't have to be that which stops you... 

Image by Jungwoo Hong

Since 2011, I have built and developed a chain of successful businesses and managed international leaders.  As well as trained as a therapist  and worked to develop incredible people through unlocking their potential in business.

With my experience working in and building companies, I felt first hand how hard it can be to juggle everything, everyone and still build a booming business.   Pushing through personal boundaries and limiting beliefs that were holding back those I supported from the success they deserved and wanted so badly.

As an entrepreneur, therapist and a self development expert, the combination of these gives me a unique approach to my services, which looks at how unlocking the best version of yourself can improve your overall performance, happiness and ultimately boosts your income.


I have a dream that we all live in a much kinder world, where we respect our planet, our animals and each other. So, as a vegan for all of those reasons, I help vegan & ethical businesses with just this. To make a difference, and to play part in making these industries soar and make our world a better place.  

Image by Jungwoo Hong