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Maintaining good mental health is important in order for us to feel happy and content at any age.  Making sure that children and young people understand how to be and keep themselves mentally healthy is imperative to them being able to think, act and interact positively, to develop skills to overcome challenging situations and understand their emotions so that they don’t lead to mental health difficulties.  


What challenges are 

young people facing?


Growing up can be hard at the best of times, adolescence is a pretty forceful time of life with numerous changes which need many transitions. Some young people have a genetic disposition to mental health issues, but there are many things which can have an influence on their mental health and mood including: 


  • Family problems

  • Social Media

  • Friends 

  • Peer pressure

  • School work and/or exam pressures

  • Bullying 

  • Divorce, separation or bereavement.

  • Instability at home

  • Drug & Alcohol problems

  • Experiencing a lack of belonging

And all of this in the midst of the current situation dealing with school closures, feeling isolated due to not being able to see their friends and relatives as well as looking around them to see people staying far apart and wearing masks everywhere they go.

This is why it is so important to ensure young people have the support that they need to make sure that they have the tools they need to grow up feeling mentally healthy and able to get through the challenging times.

How can full focus youth help?


Full Focus Youth provides support to young people in SCHOOLS.  With one to one sessions to help combat feelings of low mood and anxiety, using integrative methods such as solution focused therapy, cognitive behavioural therapy and at the heart of it all a person centred approach as all people are unique and therefor will require a unique approach depending on their needs.  Group sessions are also a good way to inform young people of how they can build their tool kits for building more resilience and feeling that they have the strength and knowledge to take on challenges head on rather than worry or over think situations.

One to one clinical hypnotherapy sessions are also available for
YOUNG PEOPLE between 8 to 21years at home or online, that combines the use of psychotherapy with hypnosis.  It uses practical, structured, and well-researched strategies to help people make significant, positive changes in their lives in a relatively short period of time. 

PARENT SESSIONS are also available to help provide support and information on any issues that young people are facing and discuss why they may be feeling or behaving as they are and provide guidance on strategies that can be implemented to help build more resilience in their children or help support their wellbeing to improve their mental health but also the family relationships.


See below for details of the sessions available to you.



One to one sessions, group sessions and weekly workshops available (Workshops include: resilience and positivity)


£60 session

Young people

One to one clinical solution focused hypnotherapy sessions. In person or online (home visits also available)


£60 session


Parent sessions to support parents through supporting their young people through challenging situations.


£60 session


There is no doubt that Cathryn has been an incredible support system to me during my studies, and she ensured that I could continue my treatment with her online when I returned to University after the Christmas break. I highly recommend her to everyone I meet!

My son was suffering with terrible anxiety and we were recommended to see Cathryn.  We saw a real difference in him within just 2-3 weeks, his school have acknowledged the improvement in his behaviour.   He thought Cathryn was lovely and he felt comfortable to talk to her.  I would fully recommend her to anyone who’s children are going through a difficult time.

Life has really changed for us as a family since attending a session with Cathryn, not only do we understand our Daughters problems more but also understand how we can help, which has strengthened all of our relationships. Thank you. 



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